NCC Hub Manual
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Register A Child

1. Log in to your NCC Hub account and click on "Rock Kidz".

2. Click "Register a Child".

3. Check one of the options and check "Agree & Continue", then click "Confirm".

4. Fill in your child's date of birth.

5. Fill in your relationship to your child, your child's name, gender, nationality, race, mailing address and medical condition (if applicable).

6. Once you have confirmed the details, click "Next".

7. You will automatically be added as your child’s emergency contact. You can also add other emergency contacts for your child in this page.

8. Once you confirm the details of the emergency contact, tick the checkbox and click "Add".

9. Read through the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Agreement, tick the checkbox and click "Confirm".

10. If you carried out steps 1 to 9 correctly, you will see a confirmation screen indicating you have successfully registered your child into Rock Kidz. An email will be sent to you and your child’s other emergency contacts.