NCC Hub Manual
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Emergency Contact

1. Log in to your NCC Hub account and click on "Rock Kidz".

2. Click on the child’s name to view/edit his/her emergency contacts.

3. Click on "Emergency Contact" and you will be able to update your child's emergency contact(s).

4. You may add new emergency contacts or reorder/delete existing emergency contacts. To reorder existing emergency contacts, click “Edit”, then tap and drag the emergency contact to reorder. Once you are done reordering, click “Done”. Your changes will be updated in our system.

Note: Your spouse does not need to register your child again. For your child to appear in your spouse’s NCC Hub account, simply login to your NCC Hub account and add your spouse under your child’s “Emergency Contact”. You may also do the same for other guardians/family members (they will need to have their own NCC Hub accounts too) who are helping you to check in/pick up your child. The child will then be tagged to their NCC Hub accounts.