Mid-Autumn Celebration Services

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is this event held, and where can I watch it?

Our Online Mid-Autumn Celebration services will be held at 8pm on these dates:

  • Thu, 16 September 2021
  • Fri, 17 September 2021

You can tune in for free at www.YouTube.com/NewCreationChurch. Do note that the programme is the same for both days.

2. Who is the speaker for this event?

Pastor Mark Ng from New Creation Church’s Chinese Ministry will be the speaker for this event.

3. What can I expect from this event?

You can expect a night of songs, exciting performances, and a word of encouragement by Pastor Mark Ng. It is also an opportunity to bring your loved ones to enjoy the programme together.

4. What language is the programme in?

This special programme will be brought to you in Mandarin.

5. What does the gift pack contain?

The gift pack contains the following items:

  • A box of two traditional white/lotus seed paste mooncakes from Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
  • A specially designed mask holder and mask lanyard (mask not included)
  • An invitation card to the Online Mid-Autumn Celebration

6. How much is the gift pack?

Each gift pack is priced at $10, excluding delivery charges.

7. How can I purchase it, and when will it be available until?

You can purchase the gift pack via our website at bit.ly/nccmidautumn21. Gift packs are available on a first come, first serve basis. The closing date for the purchase of the gift packs is on Tuesday, 31 August 2021.

8. How can I receive it once I’ve made my purchase?

You can choose to either self-collect at The Star Vista from Thursday, 9 September to Sunday, 12 September 2021, or have the gift delivered to you or your loved ones at a fee of $8 per delivery, for a maximum of 10 gift packs per transaction. You may select any available delivery dates from Monday, 6 September to Thursday, 16 September 2021 on our order page.

On the order page, select your preferred mode (self-collect or delivery) and delivery date (you can choose from Monday, 6 September to Thursday, 16 September 2021). Delivery timing is from 8am and 6pm. There will be a fee of $8 per delivery, for up to 10 gift packs per transaction.

9. What if there is an issue with my gift pack order?

If you encounter any issues with your gift pack order, you can contact our Chinese Ministry at chinese.ministry@newcreation.org.sg.

10. I would like to know more about New Creation Church and the Chinese Ministry.

We are happy to get to know you too! You can get in touch with our ministry by sending us an SMS “CMCSUB NEW” to 73333. Alternatively, you can also follow us on Facebook (@nccchineseservices), Instagram (@nccchinese), or YouTube (NCC Chinese Ministry).





1. 这个活动什么时候举行,我可以在哪里观看?


  • 2021年9月16日,星期四
  • 2021年9月17日,星期五

你可以在www.YouTube.com/NewCreationChurch 免费收看。请注意,两天的节目是一样的。

2. 谁是这次庆祝会的讲员?


3. 这场庆祝会的内容是什么?


4. 节目使用什么语言?


5. 中秋节爱心福袋里有什么?


  • 新加坡雅亭假日酒店(Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium) 的传统莲蓉月饼一盒(两粒)
  • 精美设计的口罩收纳夹和口罩挂绳
  • 中秋线上庆祝会的邀请卡

6. 福袋的价格是多少?


7. 如何购买福袋以及订购期限


8. 我如何收到所订购的福袋?

你可以选择从2021年9月9日,星期四至9月12日,星期日,到星悦汇 (The Star Vista) 亲自领取所订购的福袋。或者,你也可以选择支付S$8的运送费 (一次订购顶限为10份福袋),我们会将你订购的福袋送到你或你关爱的人家中。



9. 如果我的福袋订单出现问题怎么办?


10. 我想更多地了解新造教会和华文事工。

我们也很高兴认识你! 你可以通过发送短信"CMCSUB NEW"到73333与我们的事工取得联系。另外,你也可以关注我们的Facebook(@nccchineseservices), Instagram(@nccchinese)或华文事工YouTube频道(NCC Chinese Ministry)。